Friday, October 20, 2017

Sweet Sugar Sales!!

It's my favorite time of year... time for CANNNNDDDDDYYYYYY!!! 
I have some new goodies, sales, dollarbies, and free gifts for shoppers and full perm mesh building buddies! Shop in world for 2% store credit to ALL shoppers and 10% for all group members! Remember that my store has two brands so be sure to join my Kawaii Couture & Dirty Dollies group for my accessories line and join Prefab-ulicious Full Perm Mesh for full perm builders. Each group has a brand new gift out to celebrate this sweet season! 

 My nEw! Prefab-ulicious Full Perm Mesh Candy Bar Chunk set is an original mesh candy chunk set that can be resized to make various treats and sweets. You get 3 candy chunk versions, the UV Map, & AO textures to use with your own creations. Use as a small candy for avatars or large candy builds. (The blocks in the pic below are using these pieces and are just 1LI!) This gift is FREE to all Prefab-ulicious group members!!

My nEw! Chocolate Chunks Building Kit comes with 4 basic candy building pieces in 10 different flavors and is mod/copy so you can resize and use in multiple ways. Whether you choose to make candies for avatar sizes or use them in larger candy builds they are very low prim. (The blocks in the pic are using these pieces and are just 1LI!) This gift is FREE to all Kawaii Couture group members!!

Get a chocolate chunk mouthie as a FREE gift to all who come to see my nEw store!
Let this sweet treat hold you over until it's time for trick -or- treating at dOllYpOp! 
Stay tuned for more info on super fun holiday treats & games.

For my decorating sweeties, I have made a special set of building pieces in pre-made flavors (textures). This set is mod/copy to resize as chocolate candies or decorating building pieces... or BOTH! See samples on the steps of my main store in Second Life! Get this set on SALE for 99L (50% OFF! In store only.) now through November 1st, 2017!

Find my nEw! Deco Biscuit Beach Chairs (Made from my own pocky-like treats!) on SALE now! ( in store ONLY!) Each set comes with 2 chairs, one with and one without the umbrella. Use the texture changing feature to choose between more flavors than you could imagine! Also find 4 original animations made by MEEEE in each chair. Come try it out in my main store in Second Life, but try it... don't eat it, please! Buy each set for 150L! Now through November 1, 2017!

My building buddies will find ALL of my suckers 50% off ( in store ONLY!) 

Even couture suckers & discount packs! ( 150L - 2250!) 

 With my treats you can eat it orrrrr wear it! Find Gachas and other sweet accessories in Second Life! Don't forget there are lots of other sugary treats and accessories under 50L!

And just in case you need a bag for all of your stuff, whether a 
builder or a shopper, you will find this gift in world in Second Life!

To complete your sugar high, shop BOTH of my brands in Second Life or on Second Life's Marketplace to find a 1L item from both Kawaii Couture & Prefab-ulicious Full Perm Mesh!

Happy Halloween, every-dolly!