Thursday, December 13, 2018

Holiday Glam @ TWE12VE PLUS Christmas with Love To Decorate

     December is a great time to think outside of the box (heh! especially presents!!) which is why I decided to join this round of TWE12VE, brought to you by Evil Bunny Productions. There's also a new gift for the Love To Decorate Christmas advent calendar in my store now!

This month's theme for TWE12VE is Glam, so naturally my inner child could only grow up enough to make a play make up set. Each set comes with 4 poses for taking snapshots plus one fully animated make up applying animation cycle. Use the texture changing HUD to customize the make up pieces in different lipstick and compact colors. You'll find these on sale at TWE12VE by teleporting here to see the TW12VE sales floor.

You'll find these bento animated makeup 
sets now through Jan. 12, 2018 @ TWE12VE!

You'll find my Sugar Cookie Trees as a gift for all Love To Decorate group members now through Jan. 15, 2018. These original mesh cookie trees are mod/copy so if you accidentally eat one you can replace it super easy! Choose from 5 colors, with and without shadows, and use the texture changing menu to change the sprinkle colors for a customized look. You can find more about LTD's Christmas advent calendar by going to their site here.

If you're into FREE things, you're in luck because my gift giving isn't quite done this year yet. If you can't wait, visit Kawaii Couture & Prefabulicious Full Perm at the dOllYpOp! sim in Second Life. I'm putting out tasty treats and accessories every few days so stop back frequently.