Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Pocky Swim Stuff @ Redeux from Kawaii Couture!!

Anyone who knows me knows I would munch on Pocky like a bunny all day if I could, so it's only natural to wanna play with it in SL, too! I have new summer goodies made from Pocky premiering at Redeux today, but also lots of items on sale, too!!

Each raft comes with singles & couples versions!
Choose from 13 singles & 3 couples original bento animations.

These rafts are mod/copy & 3 LI Each. 

 The texture changing menu lets you choose from 3 base pocky flavors
and 6 different topping color choices!

Single pocky sticks to swim on are just as fun! 
Find these nEw! Deco Biscuit Single Floats on sale at Redeux for 50L!

Each stick is Copy/Mod, 1 LI, and comes with 3 original bento animations!
Choose from 6 assorted flavor/color choices!

 When you're all done swimming, have a rest or a snuggle on my Deco Biscuit Chairs!
You'll find them on sale for 99L (50% off!) at Redeux!

Each chair is mod/copy, comes with or without the umbrella top, 
plus texture changing menus for a totally custom look! 
Find single poses, single animations, and couples animations!