Friday, April 28, 2017

It's time to get ready for a super sweet summer @ dOllYpOp!

Before we get to the goodies, I'd like to say thank you to the burst of new followers I've had joining my subscribers, following me on flickr, etc. The last few years have been super busy and some of you have missed some the imagination submersion sims I've built for my friends to play in. The super fun news is that you are all just in time for me to begin crossing my art over to LL's newest project Sansar! I've been invited as a creator to create in VR for the first time ever ever! I am so excited and was so overwhelmed at what I would create. Then it hit me.... duh! something doused in dOllYpOp! 
My new friends have asked: 
Q: What's dOllYpOp! 
A: It's the pOp! that keeps you bubbly!!
Ok! ok! I will tell you a story. Snuggle up!

Once upon a time, there was a giant little girl named Lele ( Thats-a-meeee!). She spent her days playing in her giant toy room, building things for her toys. 

I stretched a mega prim build of a child's play room/bedroom over 1/2 sim and put my store on a 
giant snack table. More than anything, I enjoyed watching people when they would leave my store and realize their avatar was actually doll sized! The joy it gave people gave me an incentive to create little games and various builds set in this story framing. 
That's how this all turned into a big ole mess! One silly idea turned into another, when we turned the place into a beach... or the giant sandbox!


One summer, Lele left her toys in her sand box when she went away to camp. Her favorite dolly, Chobii, told the dollies to search the sandbox and see what supplies they could find while they waited it out for Lele to come home. That's when Saucey found Lele's stash of dOllYpOp! soda and doused the entire sandbox in the sweet drink, making it a summer oasis for the dollies. 

Creating in this theme has always made me happy. Sometimes people mistake dOllYpOp! as my store name. For the last few years I have been perfecting my mesh skills, but I first started out as a dolly (prim) dress creator under the name of Dirty Dollies... which turned so cute I then named my store Kawaii Couture! What began as a bakery project then turned into full perm mesh line, cute jewelry and accessories, food fun, and coming soon a mesh clothing line!!
 So, ya wanna go swimming?! My dOllYpOp! sim totally looks covered in snow, but it's really just powder sugar! The entire places is doused in iced cold dOllYpOp!

It's still a bit messy, as I roll out my summer build, but there's still plenty of fun to have and some neat places to take selfies!! Be sure to stop in my sweet shop - Kawaii Couture!
You'll find donut floaties for 199L
with a 10% bonus credit with in store purchases!

Each set comes with 5 floatie colors with two animations in each!
 (Copy perms!)


Don't forget your shades!! You'll find nEw bow 
sunglasses on sale now for 50L! 
Each pair comes with a re-size & re-texture HUD
with both clear and smokey lenses!!

There's ALSO a brand new gift for the Third Life group! 
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You'll find exclusive colors in my 7seas dOllYpOp! 
fishing pond starting next weekend!

My store is still stocked with heart sunglasses for 50L!! So grab some gear and plunge into my imagination. A soak in some dOllYpOp! is sure to keep you bubbly!